It’s amazing how fast this past summer flew by!  Well, with all the snow from the past winter and mountain bike trails not clearing in time, no wonder the mountain bike season felt so short.  Yet, when the snow parted and riding commenced, Tahoe Mountain Guides was there for you.  From our introductory riders to our advanced seasoned mountain bikers, TMG had a blast and enjoyed every moment on every trail.  And with the power of our legs and mountain bikes, TMG gained many new friends.

Early season biking began on the famous Emigrant Trail with some of our new friends.

Early season mountain biking on Emigrant Trail

And later moving towards Sawtooth Ridge, Watson Lake, New OTB and much much more.

Sawtooth Rige

Sawtooth Ridge with some of your new mountain biking friends.

New OTB Trail

Heading down the New OTB Trail.

Tanya going over a log

Go get it Tanya!

Eventually, Tahoe Mountain Guides and Cycle Paths developed the Tahoe Truckee Super D. An epic up and mostly downhill ride for the mountain biker looking for Downieville Classic style riding in Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Truckee Super D

Tahoe Truckee Super D

From all of the guides at Tahoe Mountain Guides, we would like to thank all you for joining us on the trails we love to ride. It was our pleasure to show you our hidden gems, as well as the mtb trails ridden day in and day out. Stay in touch if you are in the Lake Tahoe Truckee area this winter.  Stay tuned for more from TMG! Possible snowshoe tours and more!! Enjoy and be safe friends.