Sawtooth Trail Cleanup Day

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Sawtooth Trail, located in Truckee, CA., is Tahoe Mountain Guides go to trail for bike tours.  So, when it was discussed what trail we should maintain and adopt, it wasn’t even a question where we should go.  Sawtooth!  With numerous trails yielding extensive singletrack options  for the beginner to advanced mountain biker, our trail work […]

Trail Update: Western States

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I can’t recall the last time I was riding the Western States Trail with perfect tacky conditions so early!  April 22, 2013 to be exact.  I’m sure it has happened before, but it sure is nice to be riding the mountain bike as opposed to strapping on boots and skis.  So, it’s now bike season […]

When the Inevitable Happens: How to Fall

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We’ve all been there, descending the mountain bike trail when the feeling of gravity is no longer with us, but against us.  Hurling us through the air, facial expressions leaving friends laughing, squealing like a school-yard girl, then slamming you to the ground.  Fortunately, a carefree attitude on the trail can help with a safer […]

TMG Manzanita Tour: Perfect Mountain Bike Tour for Introductory Riders

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The sport of mountain biking can be intimidating at first: rocks to ride over, dirt trails, no cars, and a full suspension bike.  But, Tahoe Mountain Guides take the worry out of mountain biking!  If you are new to mountain biking, TMG will start you off on our Manzanita Mountain Bike Tour… a get to […]

Volunteer Trail Maintenance Day: Hole in the Ground

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What a spectacular showing of support this past Saturday and Sunday, August 18 & 19, to the famed mountain bike trail Hole in the Ground on Donner Summit.  All volunteers worked under supervision from local Forest Service and trail crew leaders with the task of drainage work, tread enhancement and repair, and even a minor […]