TMG Bike Tips: Increasing your Speed

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Mountain biking is a sport that can involve some speed; especially while on a downhill descent.  Often we reach for the brakes slowing into those turns, and sometimes we find ourselves falling over, or just biffing it.  Why does this happen?  Lack of speed.  Getting out of our comfort zone can be no fun, fearful, […]

Mountain Bike Season has Arrived!

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It’s over a month earlier than last mountain bike season, and conditions couldn’t be better!  TMG has been out riding the trails you all love (those that haven’t visited WILL LOVE!) and we couldn’t be happier.  Night time temps are cooperating and keeping the trails tacky, dust-free and fast.  In the upper elevation we still […]

TMG | Skiing and Gearing up for Mountain Bike Season: Part III

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Yes, it is true, I have finally found The Holy Grail.  After giving what I believed were the right answers to the bridge keepers 3 questions, for years now, I apparently hit it right and have been allowed to see and experience The Holy Grail, or should I say Grails…of Mountain Biking and of Nature. […]

TMG | Skiing & Gearing up for Mountain Bike Season – Part II

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Did I say WOW after Day 1??  Well, I’m saying WOW again, after Day 2.  It was an amazing, exciting, fun and Humbling day out there (70 and sunny once again, by the way). After starting my day with a killer “locals” breakfast burrito (at the Love Muffin Cafe no less) with a nice couple […]