Tahoe Mountain Guides (TMG) is the local permitted mountain bike tour guide and mtb shuttle company for beginner, advanced and expert mtb tours in the Truckee Lake Tahoe area. Our guides have years of biking and in-depth knowledge of hundreds of miles of trails not found on a map. TMG offers customized mountain bike tours: Single Day, 3 Day and 5 Day mtb tours throughout Truckee and Lake Tahoe in the majestic Tahoe National Forest. Tahoe Mountain Guides will ensure you have a breathtaking ride - from a mellow afternoon outing to trails that will test your skill. Join us for vistas of a lifetime along introductory rides or intense singletrack trails in the Sierra Nevada mountains and leave your Lake Tahoe and Truckee mountain bike adventure to Tahoe Mountain Guides.


They’re back! 2014 Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be available for demo August 8 & 9th.

Where: Be at the Sawtooth Trail

FRIDAY August 8th – Rocky Mountain Demo & Super D Shuttle – with Tahoe Mountain Guides

  • First come first serve.
  • Demo 2014 Rocky Mountain Bikes on the Tahoe Truckee Super D.
  • Meet at Sawtooth Trail head and we will shuttle riders to the Tahoe Truckee Super D.
  • Must register 48 hours in advance to reserve bike and space on the shuttle. Bikes and sizes listed below.
  • Contact TMG to reserve the bike & size you would like to demo. (530)686-5895
  • After contacting TMG, reserve your Super D Shuttle online for August 8th only. No payments will be accepted day of Demo.
  • Chose either the 10am or noon shuttle online (can only do one shuttle).
  • Please be at the trail head half-hour before shuttle departure.
  • $20 gets you – Demo, Shuttle, Guide & after Tahoe Truckee Super D beverages.

SATURDAY August 9th – Rocky Mountain Demo bikes available from 10am to 2pm

  • All Rocky Mountain Demo’s are FREE.
  • Demo bike on loop in Sawtooth.
  • Must have valid drivers license and credit card to demo bike.

Rocky Mountain Demo Bikes Available:

Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 MSL – Size: M, L, XL


Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 BC Edition – Size: L


Rocky Mountain Altitude 770 MSL – Size: S, M, L, XL


Rocky Mountain Altitude Rally – Size: M


Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt – Size: S, M, L, XL


Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL – Size: S, M, L, XL





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Really?  That was fast!  Hard to believe summer 2013 has come and gone.  In our third season of operation, we were greeted with numerous mtb tours, beginner to super advanced excursions, and all ending with high fives, maybe a beer or two and dirt crusted smiles.  Now winter is upon and Tahoe Mountain Guides is making way for another season of snow shoe adventures.  But, before we get cozy for winter 2013/2014, let’s reminiscence to the many mountain bike adventures had with new and old friends.  Let’s remember our accomplishments and new trails conquered; a new sport you tried and succeeded… and booking another tour for next season!  So, thank you to TMG’s many mountain bikers, return clients and tours to come.

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As we always say, “the ride is about the client, not the guide.”  This has been our mantra since the first tour and holds true to this day.  We love to mtb, but we want you to love mtb’ing as much as us.  So, we will not be a parent or demanding coach, just a friend enjoying the scenery Tahoe/Truckee has to offer.  We are there to give you suggestions to enhance your skill level, but most importantly, for you to have as much fun as we are having.  That is why we do what we do.  These same ideals carry over to TMG’s snow shoe adventures.  Just you, nature, a fresh blanket of snow, and some know it all guide who keeps telling you facts and history of the Truckee, Tahoe area.  Yeah, we love where we live!

Tahoe Mountain Guides  Full moon snow shoe tour dates are available on our website.  If you would like to book a snow shoe tour for another date, just call, text, email, smoke signal… we can accommodate your needs and customize a snow shoe tour for any occasion and ability.  TMG will provide snow shoes, poles and a warm beverage and some of the most amazing scenery our winter wonderland has to offer.



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I can’t recall the last time I was riding the Western States Trail with perfect tacky conditions so early!  April 22, 2013 to be exact.  I’m sure it has happened before, but it sure is nice to be riding the mountain bike as opposed to strapping on boots and skis.  So, it’s now bike season and the lower elevation trails are riding pretty well.  I figured it was time to explore some of our elevated trails… today I wanted Western States.

Western States Trail

The entrance from Hwy 89 is open, clear and tacky!  No downed trees and excellent riding  Around each switchback I was anticipating wet soft ground, or a patch of snow.  Nothing!  After the climb to the first rest area, I decided to proceed to the Wall.   Still tacky perfect conditions leading the way up to the Wall.  Then the climb begins…about half way up the Wall a barrier of snow presented itself.  All I could think, “this is better than I thought”.  For late April mountain biking, we are looking good and should get more open as the weeks progress.

The Wall

The Wall with Snow

Stay up to date with trail conditions from your friends at Tahoe Mountain Guides.

Happy riding!




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We’ve all been there, descending the mountain bike trail when the feeling of gravity is no longer with us, but against us.  Hurling us through the air, facial expressions leaving friends laughing, squealing like a school-yard girl, then slamming you to the ground.  Fortunately, a carefree attitude on the trail can help with a safer than expected exit off the bike.

Over-the-Bars on your mountain bike

Falling over your handle bars is never fun. Learn to tuck and roll for a safer and better way to ward off mtb injuries.

Many things are going through your head while flying through the air.  Using those final seconds to console yourself with the fact that at least you are not going to skid along pavement like those roadies; and no matter the bruises and cuts, no cars will be playing pinball with me across the highway.  However, no time for consoling thoughts.  Instead, use the time to look where you are going to land, and forcing yourself from the instinctual in these situations – trying to protect yourself with outreached arms.  Catching yourself this way is a great way to break one.  Trust me, I speak from experience.

So how to fall?  The “tuck-and-roll” technique of tucking your arms in close to the body to hit the ground on the upper arm and shoulder and rolling into the fall.  Just don’t use this technique on a ridgeline or narrow cliff trail… The roll could result in a minute long tumble and undoubtedly resulting in more than what we carry in our pack.

As for a sure fire way to prevent falls and injuries when the terrain gets steep, just get off your bike.  Even the best mountain bikers and cyclists meet up with terrain now and again that are best walked, not ridden.   So, no matter what you decide to do, ride through a steep technical section, or get off your bike and walk to a safe location, make sure to ride another day.

The TMG Crew



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What a spectacular showing of support this past Saturday and Sunday, August 18 & 19, to the famed mountain bike trail Hole in the Ground on Donner Summit.  All volunteers worked under supervision from local Forest Service and trail crew leaders with the task of drainage work, tread enhancement and repair, and even a minor re-route.  The Forest Service developed a participating agreement with American Conservation Experience – ACE – to complete the necessary trail maintenance.

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Many thanks go out to all the volunteers, local businesses and non-profit partners that helped support the Hole in the Ground trail building project: TAMBA, Ace Mountain Hardware, The Backcountry, Truckee Donner Land Trust and Truckee Trails Foundation.  The people behind the organizations: Joe Flannery and Bob Holland of the US Forest Service; Kevin Star of Truckee Trails Foundation; Kevin Joell of TAMBA; and Tom Clarke, Ken Long, Steve Alexander and Cory Champagne of TMG – Tahoe Mountain Guides.  Great work everyone and great show of support!



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