As you may have been guessing, we are still dealing with a lot of high elevation snow.  The heat of this past week is melting to white nectar of our past record-breaking winter season fast; but, nonetheless, some of our favorite trails are still blanketed with snow.  Tahoe Mountain Guides set-off on a tour this past Sunday to explore some of the trails everyone is aching to ride.

An ascent up the Western States trail from hwy 89 is a good test of one’s uphill ability level.  Once at the top, another uphill climb known as the “Wall” is waiting to kick you back to all thoughts of being fit and in-shape.  Still wanting more of a climb?  Take the trail to the left once on top of the Wall towards Painted Rock on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Painted Rock

View from Painted Rock

Amazing view from Painted Rock

Painted Rock view rated two cherries out of three.

Now a fun, fast downhill descent drops off the back of Painted Rock towards the Fibreboard Freeway.  At the bottom take the Tahoe Rim Trail across the road for a sweet singletrack experience leading again towards another section of the Fibreboard Freeway.  Go up the Fibreboard until you reach Mt. Watson Road.  Yes, another long uphill waits…and so does the snow at the top.

View to Squaw Valley &  Alpine Meadows from back of Painted Rock.

View to Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows from back of Painted Rock.

NEW OTB Trail (with snow) off Fibreboard Freeway

NEW OTB Trail (with snow) off Fibreboard Freeway

TMG cruised majority of the road leading to Mt. Watson Trail. However, the snow patches turned to snow fields with about 1/4 mile left to ride. Here I would post a picture, but I was too busy hiking and sliding through snow. So, we turned around and heading back the way we started. A fun epic ride for a Sunday afternoon and we will keep it up till we don’t have to turn around due to snow. Keep those warm thoughts and visit us in downtown historic Truckee at Cylepaths, and join Tahoe Mountain Guides for an introductory ride or an all day epic.