Yes, it is true, I have finally found The Holy Grail.  After giving what I believed were the right answers to the bridge keepers 3 questions, for years now, I apparently hit it right and have been allowed to see and experience The Holy Grail, or should I say Grails…of Mountain Biking and of Nature.

Moab, Utah Mountain Bike Trip

I have been blessed to find what I would call Spiritual Holy Land 2 times on my 4th day or exploring here in Moab.
1st on the Porcupine Rim Trail in the morning and then out at Arches National Park in the late afternoon.  WOW WOW WOW!
Did I day WOW?

I utilized the Coyote Shuttle company (Thanks Christy) up to the Porcupine Rim trail-head and the adventure began.
I call this the Holy Grail of mtn biking as I am using the riding that I am familiar with as my reference point.  It is like a combination of Downieville and The Tahoe Meadows Rim Trail for fun, challenge and technicality with The Flume Trail for views and KT13 for intense climbing.  As I ride Moab, and find myself off my bike for different reasons in different places, I’ve been thinking about the rides that I do in my home area and am “never” off my bike (albeit an occasional crash). The riding down here just has some more difficult elements and I am tickled by the challenges.  I know I could ride some of these lines better with more experience down here, but this is some tough riding.  I am loving it!!
The 3 mile climb up on Porc Rim to Castle Valley just comes at you right out of the gate and is very similar to the climb up Amasa Back; lots of slickrock and uphill.  I timed my trip to Porcupine right, as I had no mud to contend with as the riders earlier in the week were reporting.  Had a little side adventure on the climb as I found myself off my bike (once again) helping some ATV’ers who had a vehicle dangling off the side of the trail. After helping lift the rig back onto the trail I was back on the bike heading uphill and eagerly anticipating the view of Castle Valley that I had heard so much about.  It was just as the headlines said…Spectacular!  After some rolling ups and downs, I headed into the teeth chattering double track downhill for about 6 miles leading me into the Porcupine Rim Singletrack.

Moab, Utah Mountain Bike Trip

Incredible fast and flowy sections on the singletrack along with some un-rideable difficult/tight sections and jaw dropping views of the Colorado River and rock scape.  I was giggling in amazement as I rode the road and bike path back to town and straight to Milt’s for his Moab famous burger and fries.

A quick shower and back on the road (in my truck this time), to explore Arches National Park.
I had no idea how overwhelmingly beautiful it is out there.  I have one question:  How is that Arches National Park is not one of the Seven Wonders of the World??  Anyone who has not been there, should put it on their calendar as a Bucket list item.
Peaceful, serene, beautiful, artistry, inspiring, and awesome are just a few words that I use to describe a place that words cannot describe.  I will be back here/there and allocate more time to hike and hang out, out there.

Moab, Utah Mountain Bike Trip

As the sun set, I drove back to town to my pre-scheduled massage appointment with Sarah Ball (thank you Sarah) and then over to Pasta Jay’s for a massive order of house special lasagna (thanks for the recommendation Dick) and a couple of local draft brews before turning in, fully satisfied and exhausted with and from my day.

On my way out here shortly, to do the Magnificent 7 ride. This is supposed to be a ripping good fun ride that I will be wrapping up my ride experience here with.  My new bike is performing magnificently and I can’t wait to become a better rider to find out more of what it is capable of.  One footnote to my riding experience…of the 7 rides I have done so far, I have not seen one other rider on 3 1/2 of them.  Where are all of the riders?  Or, am I just supposed to be experiencing alone right now…?!