Did I say WOW after Day 1??  Well, I’m saying WOW again, after Day 2.  It was an amazing, exciting, fun and Humbling day out there (70 and sunny once again, by the way).

After starting my day with a killer “locals” breakfast burrito (at the Love Muffin Cafe no less) with a nice couple from Denver. Yes Kenny, he will be coming to ride with us at some point it was off to explore.  I began my day on the Amasa Back Trail and damn was that a fun uphill.  Not ashamed to say I did not clear all of those ups on my way.  Took the Pothole Arch spur for some incredible Colorado River views, then it was decision time.  Do I descend the same way I rode up (which I knew would be fun and technical in spots) or take the “DUDE” route, combining the Rockstacker and Jackson’s sections. Well, my desire and confidence got the better of me, so I chose the “route less traveled” Dude option.

Damn was that a humbling experience. I can see my riding ability, confidence and cajones have a long way to improve…What a humbling descent!!  I was off my bike and walking over and down way more sections than I anticipated or wanted (and yes what I read did warn that this was difficult and dangerous).  I must say that it gave me a new appreciation for the riders that “can” ride stuff like that.  I did make it without any incident, as my level headed perspective (and riding alone) kept me from attempting anything foolish.  By the way, I did not see another soul or rider on the route I descended…go figure!  What a ride!!  Next time I will descend on Amasa Back and giggle all the way down.

Grabbed a short break and lunch at my truck at the trail-head then decided to head north to the Bartlett Wash/Jedi 3D Trails/Playground.  That was the perfect 2nd ride compliment to my 1st ride of the day (Kudos to Chris Moore for suggesting Bartlett).  I spent a couple of hours out in those 2 areas riding and playing freeform on sandstone/slickrock and again, had the place to myself, not seeing a single other rider out on that mesa-like rock playground.   Way Fun.  Big ole cajun burger and large margarita at the Moab Brewery and the day was done.

One thing that I am learning/getting more clear on, during my sojourn experience, is to not be in a hurry to get done, with anything.  Becoming more appreciative of “the moment I am in” and my patience level and self appreciation are growing.

I have decided to stay in Moab, rather than go to Fruita or Gooseberry as there is way too much to ride, explore and see here. Save those for another time.  Plus, I wouldn’t want to leave the ant infestation in my bathroom to another guest. Just starting to make friends with them.

Today’s plan:  Hit Poison Spider Mesa this morning (after another local’s breakfast burrito) and then The Magnificent 7 this afternoon.  Yes, my legs and body are a little tired and beat up, but so what!  I forgot to mention that near the top of Amasa Back  a gust of wind actually blew me over.  No soft landings anywhere out here…OUCH! and now have the scrapes and bruises to prove it.

Saving Porcupine Rim for tomorrow as what I am hearing every day it gets drier and there is a chance that LPS may open up too. Fingers Crossed…