The weekend is upon us and the free time we anticipate from a busy work week is calling for a mountain bike ride.  The weather is perfect, mid 60’s, and the dirt is prime.  Each trail has it’s own timeline of being “rideable” in the Lake Tahoe area.  So, Tahoe Mountain Guides decided to check on the ever popular trail, Paige Meadows.

Paige Meadows, Lake Tahoe, CA

Great start to the weekend in Paige Meadows

Paige Meadows can be accessed from a variety of locations;  I like to start from Alpine Meadows.  The initial ascent begins on a fire road for a good 20 minutes, or longer, depending on your climbing skills.  The fire road rounds Scott Peak of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, then a fast descent into Paige Meadows.  At this point you will hit the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT).  Again, many options can be ridden with many exit points depending on how long of a ride you wish your legs to endure.

The main meadow is still under water and quite swampy.  I give Paige at least another 3 to 4 weeks to dry out.  While walking through the bog, TMG encountered quite a few bike tracks trying to push through.  Yes, it’s fun to get muddy, but remember when the trail drys out we are all stuck with deep ruts.  If possible find a safe way to walk your bike around, or just turn around.  And by all means, DON”T make a new trail!  Let’s keep Paige Meadows in good shape!  Another encounter occurred, but we were not fast enough with the camera.  A large mother bear was making her way through the meadow upon a log.  Unfortunately, when she spotted us she ran like a dog chasing a ball into the woods.  So on that note, be mindful when coming around a corner, you never know who, or what, will be waiting.

Paige Meadows Tahoe City, CA

Looking through Paige Meadows and snow caped peaks

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Happy Riding!

The TMG Crew