Hello Mountain Bikers!  The snow is melting at a much faster pace and spring mountain bike season is going strong.  Today we took a ride up Western States Trail and conditions were great.   At the start, Temperatures were in in mid 60’s, which is nice for this trail; Western States from Hwy 89 begins with a good 20 minute uphill climb.  You then get a short reprieve until you move towards The Wall.

Western States Trail

First bridge crossing on the Western States Trail.

The Wall, most appropriately named, adds another 10-15 minute uphill grunt, depending on your fitness level.  This section is always great to see what condition you are really in.   When conquering the wall, you then have a plethora of choices.  I usually like to continue towards Painted Rock, because I like uphill, but the trail system from here is vast and plentiful.  If you need recommendations where to ride, let us know.

Western States Trail Looking Down The Wall

Western States Trail Looking Down The Wall into Squaw Valley

The best part about today’s ride…no snow!  That’s right, we made it all the way to the top of The Wall with no snow.  Under the shrouded areas at the top a few patches of snow exist, but nothing to worry about.  The trail along the  Western States had few moist areas, lots of dried out pine needles from last season, and the relaxing sound of flowing creeks.  So that’s it…time to get on the trail and if you need assistance, a mountain bike guide, or just want to talk trails, hit up Tahoe Mountain Guides.

Happy Riding from the TMG Crew.