I can’t recall the last time I was riding the Western States Trail with perfect tacky conditions so early!  April 22, 2013 to be exact.  I’m sure it has happened before, but it sure is nice to be riding the mountain bike as opposed to strapping on boots and skis.  So, it’s now bike season and the lower elevation trails are riding pretty well.  I figured it was time to explore some of our elevated trails… today I wanted Western States.

Western States Trail

The entrance from Hwy 89 is open, clear and tacky!  No downed trees and excellent riding  Around each switchback I was anticipating wet soft ground, or a patch of snow.  Nothing!  After the climb to the first rest area, I decided to proceed to the Wall.   Still tacky perfect conditions leading the way up to the Wall.  Then the climb begins…about half way up the Wall a barrier of snow presented itself.  All I could think, “this is better than I thought”.  For late April mountain biking, we are looking good and should get more open as the weeks progress.

The Wall

The Wall with Snow

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Happy riding!